Is BetsMixer and 1xbet alternative casino?

Top 1xbet Alternatives Ranked
1xbet is a high-quality crypto-gambling platform whose benefits we cannot deny. It is only lacking in a few specific categories, like the fact that it doesn’t have any deposit bonuses or a proper welcome package and that the whole site runs solely on its own native token.

Due to its many advantages, it’s hard to find adequate 1xbet alternatives. These platforms must excel in the same areas, like a rewarding loyalty program and a diverse game library. Moreover, they also need to surpass 1xbet’s shortcomings if they are to be worthy substitutes.

Thankfully, we’ve found such crypto casinos and sportsbooks. You only need to pick the ones that check the most boxes. Here’s a quick look at the top six 1xbet substitutes we recommend: - Overall best casino among many 1xbet alternatives. It’s a full crypto casino and sportsbook supporting several popular coins and its native token. You can play a wide range of slots, live casino, and provably fair games. Unlike 1xbet, it offers several deposit bonuses, including a hefty 200% welcome package. - Crypto casino with a rewarding Level Up system and daily rewards. It offers the same game diversity as 1xbet but has better bonuses and a lottery function where jackpots reach $20,000 in crypto. The platform supports various cryptos, lets you purchase them on-site, and supports Web3 technologies like NFTs. - A great substitute for 1xbet with a 200% welcome bonus and 50 free spins. Mega Dice is both a casino and a sportsbook, plus it functions as a Telegram casino. You can play various slots, provably fair releases, table games, game shows, and live dealer titles. The site supports around a dozen cryptocurrencies.

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