Bitcoin Bet game

Bitcoin bet game
It’s funny how we all associate rockets with crashing, even though we don’t hear about rockets crashing all that often. But you do hear about rockets crashing more and more in online casinos. And if you’re wondering what’s up with that, we’ve got an explanation!

What are Rocket Crash Games And Rocket Crash Gambling?
Rocket crash games feature a rocket launch animation with a rising multiplier number. At any given moment, the rocket may explode, and the game resets.
If the players manage to cash out before the rocket crashes, they collect their initial bet amount multiplied by the multiplier at which they cashed out.

Crash by Roobet is best known for:
Being a provably fair rocket crash game
Having great betting automation features
Including a demo version of the game

Can You Guarantee Wins in Rocket Gambling Games?
We’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news. There is no easy way to win in crash gambling. Believe us, we’ve tried extensively, but you have to keep in mind that this is entirely a luck-based game, nothing more.

We’ve tried just about any crash gambling strategy you can imagine, we tried playing with BC.Game’s original crash scripts, we even tested the martingale strategy and the magical crash gambling hacks and predictors.

Our conclusion?
Just play the game for fun! If you catch some sky-high multipliers, that’s great! But don’t think you’ll get rich from crash gambling anytime soon. Don’t expect some magical crash gambling hacks to work as well. We’ve tried.

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